Flipside Records Songwriting Competition

THE Sound Studio in Milnerton was abuzz recently when southern suburbs band, Cardigan Buzz, won the Flipside Music song writing competition. 6 Days Later took second place while My Simple Superhero came in third. Cardigan Buzz is made up of Alex Benning (keyboards/vocals/accordion), Pete Woodbridge (cajon, hang, guitar, percussion), Callan Wolff (bass), Andrew Hoare (nylon guitar), Bruce Fereday (saxophone) and Caely Jo Levy (vocals).

The six are all part-time musicians and the band was started in 2006. Benning and Woodbridge have been friends since their school days when they played together in a marching band. Hoare joined them at a later stage, bringing the element of classical guitar to colourise the sound.Wolff joined in 2007 and Cardigan Buzz started performing gigs. At first they occupied a regular Sunday slot at Roots in Observatory, and then Bertha’s in Simon’s Town. They soon realised their brand of swing was marketable to young and old people alike and started doing a mixed bag of corporate events and functions. Fereday and Levy got on board and the band did a road trip up to Knysna for the Gastronomic Festival, and a Raw Food event.

They are currently working on new material and plan to release a demo including all six members of the band this year. Cardigan Buzz describe their style as swing, folk, jazz and blues with room left open for improvisation. The song they won the competition with was titled “Mr Zoo”. Wolff explains that the music and lyrics for songs are usually written individually
but the intricate musical qualities are contributed collectively by the band.