band-1We are a Cape Town based swing, jazz, folk band. We play all kinds of cool intruments and we buried the hatched last week on wednesday.

Our music falls into a number of genre’s or should I say songs from our repetiour do. I guess we do like to swing a lot. We play standards in a swing rythym and adapt other songs we like into a swing rythym. Many of our original tunes would be called folky, bluesy but there is a certain world music edge to many of them as well. Thanks to Pete we get to boast the use of the swiss hung and the cajon.

The Band

Cardigan Buzz began back in 2006. Alex (keyboard/accordion) and Pete (hung, cajon) are old friends who played in a school swing band together over 20 years ago, and have been playing music together ever since. Andrew (guitar) joined them later that year, bringing in the element of classical guitar.

Callan (bass) joined in 2007 and Cardigan Buzz started performing gigs, at first occupying a regular Sunday slot at Roots in Obs, and Saturday slot at Bertha’s in Simon’s Town. Soon realizing their brand of music was marketable to young and old alike, they started performing at corporate events and functions.


Bruce (saxophone)  joined the band soon after and they did a road trip up to Knysna for the Gastronomic Festival and a Raw Food event.

Most well known is their flagship reworking of Tom Waits’ Chocolate Jesus, and Meaning of You, an original which got radio play on Bush Radio, and Fine Music Radio.


They are currently working on new material and plan to release an album including all 5 members of the band this year. Cardigan Buzz’s style is swing, folk, jazz and blues with room left open for improvisation.

Alex Benning

alexAlex has always had an affinity for playing  music,  and has been able to bash a tune out of most musical instruments he finds. The piano in particular, has always been his favourite, and really enjoyed playing the trombone in his school years. He attended the Jazz Workshop in Cape Town in his student days, and he played the piano at weddings and cocktail parties as a solo artist,  in order to subsidise his studies. Currently he  works at a Financial Institute as a web programmer, and loves the ability to take time to jam with Cardigan Buzz…


Andrew Hoare

andrewAndrew has spent the last thirteen and a half years dabbling  in many styles of guitar playing. He has always tended back to fingerstyle  classical guitar. He has trained through the Royal School of Music under the  tuition of James Kibby, Neefa van der Skyfe and Derrik Gripper. He has and  still does many solo guitar performances generally in the classical/flamenco  vein. His classical subtlety and touch complement the smooth mellow sounds of  Cardigan Buzz perfectly.

Bruce Fereday

bruceStarted playing saxaphone age 15. Was taught by a cool teacher, Bob Mowday.  Finished matric music then didn’t play for a while. 1998/9 began jamming with a friend, Toby Newsome, and eventually started a band called “Sixty Fingers”.  Played a few gigs then went off to London to try some solo stuff.  When I got back to S.A I lost touch with local music scene for a few years.  Then one night sitting in Mojo’s bar in Observatory I heard “Cardigan Buzz” playing a song we wrote in “Sixty Fingers” called “Logic”. I knew Andrew the guitar player and asked if I could jam some time, the rest is history….well besides taking another year off and finally back to my roots. It’s good to play good music in a good band.

Original Songs

Below is a list of the original songs we are currently performing.

1.) Light a candle

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

2.) Folkness

music: Peter Woodbridge

3.) Some other time

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

4.) Grocery Store

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

5.) Meaning of you

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

6.) Sunday Afternoon

music: Andrew Hoare | lyrics: Alex Benning

7.) A min Jam

music: Andrew Hoare

8.) Groove

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

9.) So Free

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

10.) Mr Zoo

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

11.) Middle of it

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

12.) Otherside

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

13.) Mary had a little lamb

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

14.) Have you ever?

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

15.) Fight for me(JuJu nkwênya)

music: Alex Benning | lyrics: Alex Benning

16.) Carbon Footprint

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

17.) Treadmill Illusion

music: Peter Woodbridge | lyrics: Peter Woodbridge

18.) Timing

music: Cardigan Buzz | lyrics: Caely-Jo Levy

Covers and Standards

Below is a list of the standards and cover songs we are currently performing.

1.) Logic

music: Sixty Fingers | Lyrics: Pete Woodbridge

2.) Drifter

music: | lyrics:

3.) Fever

music: Elvis Presley | lyrics: Elvis Presley

4.) Summertime

music: Gershwin | lyrics: Gershwin

5.) Chocolate Jesus

music: Andrew Hoare | lyrics: Tom Waits

6.) Moondance

music: Van Morrison | lyrics: Van Morrison

7.) Girl from Ipanema

music: Antonio Carlos Jobim | lyrics: Norman Gimbel

8.) St James

music: | lyrics:

9.) The way you look tonight?

music: Peter Woodbridge

10.) House of the rising sun

music: unknown | lyrics: unknown

11.) Aint Misbehaving

music: Thomas “Fats” Waller, Harry Brooks | lyrics: Andy Razaf

Our Demo CD

Cardigan Buzz - Debut Disc

This debut/demo cd we recorded and engineered ourselves. We recorded a few rehearsals through an 8 track mixer directly into Cubase with no overdubs or edits so its a live recording. Callan had only just joined the band at this point so the songs are quite rough compared to how we play them now. “Meaning of You” recieved some radio play so we seemed to have achieved a reasonable quality recording.  It was recorded in Constancia, Cape Town, 2008.

Andrew mixed and mastered the music and also designed the cover artwork.

“Meaning of You” featured on our debut EP and received some regional radio play. Words and Music by Alex Benning

Meaning of You by cardiganbuzz